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Related article: The following incident is per- fectly true. The audacity of the man led him to do many doubtful things, but this was perhaps his most impudent achievement. The fellow was a druggist, who had a shop in a thriving Midland town, he was clever and unscrupulous and what Americans would call " a smart man.** His characteris- tics had gained him the curious soubriquet of ** the Shiner." He busied himself a good deal in politics, and consequently was somewhat noticed by the sur- rounding gentry. One day a gentleman came hur- riedly into Felodipine Tablets his shop and asked for the momentary loan of a local railway -time-table, explaining that he feared he had missed the only train to T where he was going to visit the Marquess of S . Failing the train, would it be possible to secure a conveyance that would take him there in time for dinner ? " Oh," said the Shiner, " don't distress yourself, sir, I know the Marquess very well, a most popular nobleman in these parts. It is only twelve miles to his place, and if you have no objec- tion, I will drive you over in my dogcart Buy Felodipine with pleasure ; my horse is a fast goer ; anyway, sir, I undertake that you shall be in time for dinner.'* The gentleman, somewhat sur- prised at such an offer from a tradesman he had never seen before, expressed his thanks, en- quired if his portmanteau could be taken as well, and being re- assured on this vital point, went for a turn in the town at the Shiner's suggestion till he should be ready to start. On his return he found a Felodipine Er trap, with a very likely animal in the shafts, standing at the door and his Generic Felodipine luggage already packed in. Next moment the Shiner appeared accompanied by a large port- manteau which was put on with the other luggage. This roused the stranger's curiosity but he made no comment. He was brought to his destination as Felodipine 5 Mg pro- mised, in time for dinner, when to his dismay instead of the ex- pected good-bye to himself, his obliging friend gave a cool order to the groom to Felodipine Amlodipine take the cart round and ** look well after my horse," as he had come twelve miles at a smart pace. The guest, closely followed by the Shiner, hurried into the house, to be cordially welcomed by the Marquess. The gentleman greatly embarrassed drew his host aside, and explained what had hap- pened, and how he had only arrived in time by Amlodipine Felodipine the kindly help of this man, adding, " I am afraid I do not even know his name." *' But I do ! " interrupted the Marquess, reflecting that it would never do to be uncivil to the fellow. " Never mind, say no more, I will ask him to stay to dinner." Which he did, and the Shiner with his portmanteau Felodipine 5mg were ushered upstairs. He appeared in the drawing- room irreproachably dressed, and took his place amongst them, quite at his ease. Nothing daunted him and nothing dis- turbed his equanimity. The evening wore on but he made no sign of leaving, calmly following the gentlemen to the smoking room. The bewildered Marquess, sorry for his guest's distress, yet anxious not to offend the Shiner, at last quietly asked him to remain the night. Next morning after breakfast he approached the Marquess with 206 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [September many humble apologies, " he had a few important letters to write which must go by the early post ; might he be permitted to write them in the library before asking for his cart ? '' Permission given the rogue sat himself down at the table and forthwith wrote to all his friends on paper which showed them whence they were addressed, and proved the druggist to be on visiting terms with the great magnate of the county: which for some reason of his own was exactly the object he had had in view. This accomplished, he took his departure Felodipine 10 Mg in high feather and great triumph. T. # Athletic Training in America. The remarkable successes of our American visitors in the Amateur Athletic Associations* champion- ships on July 7th lend special interest to a ** bulletin " which has just been published by the Office of Experiment Stations attached to the United States De- partment of Agriculture. During recent years this Office has con- ducted a series of " Dietary Studies" among various classes of the population, negroes, white artizans and students at College, with the object of ascertaining the relative values of foodstuffs in supporting life ; and their latest enterprise in this direction has been the study of the diet of the Harvard and Yale Uni- versity boat crews and athletes. Arguing that young men training to compete in severely contested races would be restricted to the most nourishing and muscle-form- ing foods, these industrious in- vestigators took unto them a staff of chemists armed with carefully- tested scales, and established themselves in Buy Felodipine Online the kitchen of club or boarding house to weigh and analyse the rowing and running man's breakfast, lunch and dinner. The undertaking was not a simple one : we do not hear, it is true, of open hostility on the part of the cook, who is generally an autocrat in her own sphere ; but in cases where '* a consider- able number of persons (including servants) not in active training were served from the same kitchen as the crew " it became necessary, as we understand, to waylay the waiters at the crews* dining-room door and weigh the dishes as they went in and came out. The dishes in which food was to be placed were weighed empty and after the food had been put in them, both weights being re- corded. In case any dish came back empty during or after meals it was not weighed again, but the difference between the original weight of the dish and the weight of the dish and contents was taken as the measure of the